Kemeco history is also the history of its communication plan. Its marketing and communication strategies reflect the company vision based on research, innovation, anticipating the new market trends. Kemeco advertising follows a careful use of language styles, taking into consideration the evolution of life styles, the new social and cultural trends and changes. The greatest example is represented by the incredible success of Rio Casa Mia “Bollywood” commercial, that tells the marriage between an Indian man and an Italian women. It clearly refers to the multiethnicity and addresses the new customers profiles. Another feature of its communication strategy is the memorability.

Jingle and catchy "slogan" entered the everyday language, such as “Rio Casamia, l’ha scritto?” “Niente ci fa, Melaceto ce la fa!” and“Avete mai fatto Bum Bum sul pavimento?”. 

Another concept proposed by Kemeco is the reference to the great values such as love, sending positive and comforting message. Loving home, family and pets means to give them protection by using efficient and eco-friendly products. This is the inspiring message for the slogan “Così è l’amore… 

Pulito e Sano”, of the Rio Biologico Amici Domestici advertising campaign.

Great dissemination is guaranteed through a precise selection of radio TV networks and the main press agencies together with an effective media-mix. The Company has always paid attention on products presentation, also through an innovative, stylish and captivating packaging. Thanks to this combination of passion, innovation and communication, RIO products succeed in gaining new market share, proudly competing against its competitors such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble e Colgate.