Kemeco is one of the most successful and leading companies in the detergent industry. Its name originates from “chemistry” and “ecology”, a concept that reflects the company policy based on gathering scientific research and eco-friendly attitude. The Company was established in the ’70s thanks to the good intuition and great entrepreneurial skills of its founder, Pietro Murania.

For over forty years Kemeco has been creating successful and high quality products. Its first creation was Rio Azzurro WC, that still holds the record of sale amongst the toilet hygiene products.
Later on, always taking into account the real and ever changing demands of the market, it was Rio Casamia’s turn, the first “scented detergent ammonia”. Well encouraged by consumers trust, Rio becomes a complete products line with detergents specific for every hygiene and cleaning need, attaining an immediate customer loyalty. An example of research and innovation is Rio Melaceto, a very imitated product that revolutionizes the detergency market thanks to the extraordinary cleaning and deodorizing power of the natural apple cider vinegar.
Another successful line is Rio Bum Bum, detergents for house and laundry, whose innovative cleaning formula and unique scents gain immediately the attention of the market as the best selling product of Kemeco in 2009, with a revenue increase of over 29%. It deals with an overwhelming entrepreneurial development that makes Kemeco a dynamic company looking for innovative solutions.
In the wake of Rio Bum Bum, Kemeco has launched a new line with the introduction of new equipment, with a 100% production increase.

With hundreds of employees, most of them are women, Kemeco represents a positive Sicily that is productive and supported by staff commitment and continuous proficient and focused investments. Pietro Murania also invests personally in new projects, being constantly aware of customer trust.

Thanks to up-to-date technologies in Europe, in the use of PET packaging, Kemeco becomes increasingly more competitive and closer to consumers with its cost-containment policy.


Kemeco is a highly quality-oriented company pursuing a product specialization strategy in which to invest capital and skilled human resources. The detergents market is particularly crowded and competitive, but Kemeco can emerge and win the favor of consumers since it always points to the highest quality products and innovation, both technological and in the search for raw materials. The products are always characterized by the introduction of exclusive cleaning components and the pursuit of pleasant and long-lasting fragrances. The study of the products is often based on the combination of traditional and timeless cleaning components and the introduction of innovative cutting-edge principles. Kemeco was among the first companies, for example, to revive the use of the historic Marseilles soap combined with new and effective formulations, or to propose in the effective composition of the Rio Melaceto the degreaser and cleaner strength of natural apple vinegar. In brief, high quality, continuous innovation, exclusive fragrances and eco-friendly approach constitute the corporate mission of Kemeco.

Our Commitment

There are a number of reasons why Kemeco can be considered a customer oriented and growing company, namely the high quality of its products, the commitment of its founder Pietro Murania, who follows all stages of production, from testing new detergent formula to obtain unique and amazing fragrances up to the distribution over domestic and International territory. Kemeco anticipates and satisfies customers’ needs, proudly competing against the major players. Kemeco attends the most important domestic and International trade fairs, to stay in touch and dialogue with the leading companies in the detergent industry.


“Thanks to Kemeco successful experiences - said Pietro Murania, Kemeco founder – I can state with certainty that Italy is a country that works, with an active entrepreneurship attitude, and appreciated by people. I want to keep believing in a dynamic and productive Country, because this is the only way to grow and work in our wonderful land”.

Today, the new challenge is to work opting for an eco-friendly approach. As a matter of fact, thanks to the collaboration between its staff and technicians, an eco-friendly detailed study was carried out in order to be used for both the raw materials of detergents and for the bottles, labels and corks.
In this perspective, the new “Rio Biologico” and “Rio Kem Biologico - Professional Ecologic Line Free Time” lines have been created. They combine an eco-friendly approach and non-toxicity standards to a real detergent and sanitization power. The design attention is also dedicated to the “great cleaning” with the creation of the new “Rio Kem Professional” and Personal Care lines.

Quality Certifications

The environmental management systemis certified to Kemeco quality: