How to Clean and sanitize the cat's litter box

Spray Rio Amici Domestici con agente Biologico directly into the litter box, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse using a rag to remove the product. Rio Amici Domestici con agente Biologico ensures deodorization and in-depth sanitize also doghouses, cages, dog beds and large areas. It is absolutely natural, non-toxic and pet friendly.

How to ensure a long-lasting bathroom deodorization

To deodorize the bathroom 7 days a week, pour Rio Tutto Bagno con agente Biologico in the toilet brush holder. For odors removal pour the product also in shower drains, sink and bidet.

How to polish bathroom chrome

Thanks to its polishing action, Rio Tutto Bagno con agente Biologico leaves surfaces and chrome shiny and without stains. Apply the neat detergent with a rag or a sponge.

How to keep the surfaces polished with no traces of soap or water

Apply the neat Rio Tutto Bagno con agente Biologico with a rag or sponge over the surface in order to remove water and soap traces. Its special formula leaves an invisible hydro repellent film that is active even after rinse.

How to remove stains from carpets and rugs

Spray Rio Sgrassatutto Everywhere on the stain and wipe with a soft cloth, ideal for cooking tops, cabinets, range hoods, hobs, fixtures and all washable surfaces.

How to remove bad odors from dishes

Rio Piatti completely removes unpleasant odors, even the most offensive, such as eggs, fish and frying, leaving dishes polished. Its formula is skin-friendly and does not hurt hands.

How to remove unpleasant smoke smell from curtains

Spray Rio Bum Bum Il Cancellaodori directly on curtains or in the fabric to be treated. Let it evaporate naturally. Rio Bum Bum Il Cancellaodori is recommended if having pets.

How to safely wash fine fabric

Rio Bucato Ossigenato is recommended for fine fabric. Active oxygen safely whitens and removes the stains. With water of medium hardness, use1 measuring cup and a half in the washmachine and 1 measuring cup per 10 liters of water for hand washing.